About Us

This blog represents the thoughts and experiences of youth who have grown up outside of the traditional home setting. Written by youth in both the United States and Japan, our hope is that together we can share with the world what foster care, and overcoming it, is all about.  We welcome our readers, both professionals and the general public, to read our stories and hear our voice.

Meet the Webmaster of “My Voice Our Story”

Sang-Won has volunteered to be the webmaster of this blog “My Voice Our Story”. He has been involved with this blog project since the beginning of its conception. Despite some difficulties, everyone from IFCA helped him to create this blog. He will continue working on its maintenance.

Please join us for IFCA’s Youth and Alumni members!

IFCA is currently recruiting youth and alumni groups both in the U.S. and Japan. Please contact IFCA. info@ifcaseattle.org

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