Michael Adams was in the Washington state foster care system for 1.5 years before being adopted by an amazing loving family. Growing up his family had 4 other foster children that were eventually adopted into his family. He is one of 9 children in his multicultural family. He loves his family and has great pride for them. His goal to enable people to believe that no matter what happened in the past and who you share DNA with, you can be successful and make a positive impact in the world today! We write our own  destiny!

Michael Adams is a Senior at the University of Washington attending the Michael G. Foster School of Business while perusing a degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He is one of the co-founding members of the National Millennial Community. He is also the founder and CEO of SoftGold Caramels. He is also an US bank Scholarship recipient as well as a finalist in the 2105 Holland America Line Global Case Competition. Michael brings his unique background and interest in films and acting into his business work. His most recent internship included hands-on writing and planning in major national campaigns for companies such as McDonalds's and Walmart stores. His personal passions include travel and experiencing new global cultures, and he is a major self-proclaimed foodie! He loves learning new things from people he meets and laughing with them. Just giving someone a smile can make their day brilliant. His goals in life are to create product and services that make peoples lives better around the world. Michael is excited to be part of IFCA International.