Noriko Yamamoto

Hello. My name is Noriko Yamamoto.
When I was very young, I lived in a child protection facility for two years. Then again, I spent about 9 years in a facility between my 5th grade year and freshman year in college. When I was little, I cried every day at a facility because I did not know why I had to live there. When I finished kindergarten, I returned to my mother. I gradually came to realize why I was placed in a facility. As I mentioned above, I re-entered foster care when I was in my 5th grade.

There were both enjoyable and painful things at the child protection facility that I lived in. I was afraid of older children, and at times, it was hard to live with them. From this experience, I learned to be gentle to others. There were many children whose experiences were similar to mine, and we all supported one another. Because of my own past, I am interested in becoming a child care worker at a child protection facility.

Currently, I am studying child development at a junior college. In the future, I would like to be employed at a child protection facility as a child care worker.
I am looking forward to supporting foster children.