Thalia Garcia was born in California to immigrant parents. She grew up in Washington State most of her life. Thalia grew up without a father, and her mother consistently worked long hours. Thus Thalia was a latch key kid. While young, Thalia became independent in many ways. Of course, she still had some support from her mother and her siblings. Thalia has been in the United States foster care system at two different times in her life, once as small child and another as a teenager. As a teenager, Thalia experienced homelessness due to unsafe living conditions. While striving to seek support, Thalia met many safe and caring people who became her friends and great role models.

With the support from her peers, community, and nonprofit organizations, Thalia managed to find safe housing and overcome life barriers. For example, Thalia successfully graduated high school in 2011 while homeless. Thalia started her higher education at Tacoma Community College. She later transferred to Seattle Central Community College and studied full time while working part-time jobs. At Seattle Central Community College, she worked towards obtaining prerequisites for a naturopathic medicine program, met many supportive people, and, in general learned so much. In 2014, she received received her Associates of Art Degree and was accepted to the University of Washington. Thalia is currently a Public Health Major at the Univeristy of Washington. She studies public health to gain the tools necessary to help prevent health ailments in populations and help people get access to quality healthcare, housing, food, education, and more. Thalia really cares about people's health. She is passionate about life. Thalia strives to make her experiences in life fun and and meaningful.
Because of her experience, Thalia is passionate about helping others. For example, when she has time she volunteers at nonprofit organizations that help homeless and foster care youth and for organizations that help students and the community.