Soon after I was born, I was placed in an infant nursery (nyujiin). Then from age 2 to when I was in my 1st grade, I was placed in a group care facility (yogoshisetsu). Subsequently, between 2nd grade and 9th grade, I was raised in a foster home. During my three years in high school (3 years 10th to 12th grade in the Japanese educational system), I was placed in another yogoshisetsu.

My rebelliousness and troubling behaviors caused a lot of grief with my foster parents and staff at the last yogoshisetsu.

Looking back at my 18 years of foster care placement in which there were both positive and negative elements, I wish for a society that brings every child an equal chance to walk towards her dreams.

I would like all children to know that their futures are filled with opportunities, and to connect these children’s genuine inner feelings with adults. My ultimate goal is to build a truly “child-centered” society that embraces all generations and brings everyone opportunities to share their opinions and thoughts.