Ellena grew up in the foster care system in Washington State, where she moved between different homes until she was adopted. For Ellena, the foster care system offered her an improved standard of living, and gave her a family. Now, Ellena is a sophomore in college at the University of Washington, and has dedicated her life to improving the foster care system. 

When Ellena is not being an advocate in IFCA, she can be found working as a team leader in Jumpstart, a program that provides learning opportunities to preschoolers from low income families. Ellena is also a member of the Washington State youth advisory board – Passion to Action. She plans on majoring in social work, with the goal of eventually obtaining her MSW. When Ellena is not at school or working to help children in need, you can find her hiking or volunteering with her friends. She loves playing the guitar and reads whenever she has a moment to relax.